Tash Hopkins once horse-trekked solo across Mongolia to experience being alone and self-reliant and to photograph in a totally unfamiliar landscape. Her search for compelling images and quality of light has also taken her to the Netherlands, the U.S, India, Morocco and France.

Based in Auckland, Tash shoots personal as well as commissioned work which covers editorial, advertising and architectural photography. Her images have featured in Urbis, Black and Case Da Abitare and her clients include Citta Design and Karen Walker.

Her painterly landscapes focus on line, tone and the transformative qualities of light. Her portraits allow her subjects to be themselves, they convey subtle moods and depict vulnerability or uncertainty as much as they do strength.

She shoots her personal projects on film using a large format camera. Her affinity with this medium creates arresting images that draw the viewer in. She has a quiet, engaged style of working, and this is reflected in the calm, spacious quality of her work.

She has worked with a range of clients including 

Karen Walker, Citta Design, Case Da Abitare magazine, Home magazine, Metro magazine,

Pumpkin Patch, Sans Ceuticals, Carlson, Gerrad Hall Architects, Daniel Marshall Architects, 

Everyday Needs, Saatchi Design, Black magazine, Pulp magazine, Metro magazine, Tea Total,

Cleanco, Formantics, Urbis magazine, Formantics, The Ministry of Education, Vodafone Events Centre.